Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Interview with Excelsior

     Earlier Today We had the pleasure of chatting with a great new up and coming producer Marek Wittner( Of
Paradise 1976 fame).he talked to us about his work with Paradise 1976 and his solo project Excelsior .

So, Marek, how did you get into music production?

Hmm where to start... Well when I was around 5 years old, I learnt various instruments until I was 9 when my mentor moved to a different city. Also during this time, I listened to Daft Punk and fell in love with their music. Their music inspired me to want to be a producer but I did not pursue it at that time. When I got a bit older, I fell in and out of love for the first time… And that's when I picked up Ableton Live 7 and started to produce music!

You mentioned listening to Daftpunk, what other producers/musicians did you listen to when you were younger? And which producers do you look up to now?

Well I might mention Daft punk again ... But I really adored Boards of Canada and I still listen to them. Their trippy blend of nostalgia was so good. Also I loved U-Ziq allot when I was younger .From the pop/electronic genre, I enjoy Planet Funk a lot.
Others I enjoyed: High Contrast, London Elektricity , Incognito and many more! I think the current scene is a bit too mainstream. There are some exceptions though such as Dam-Funk and Gramatik.

I agree that electronic music as a whole has gotten very mainstream. What current producers would you like to work with? And which producers have you worked with?

I , along with Judgment Dernier and Toma Swag, make up  the French House trio Paradise 1976.Others with whom I have worked with include: GMGN , DJ Las K , Ongoy , Awonk and many more! I would like to work with so many artists I don’t even know where to begin! For the distant future i would say a collab with LBCK, La Zebra, or Gramatik would be very interesting!

What was the first album you bought?

The first album I bought was Homework by Daft Punk if I remember right...Also in that same period of time I bought some MJ music and one of Thomas Banglater's LP's! Such good music was around in that time!

What do you enjoy outside of music?

Outside music I Play a lot of squash and tennis.I love long distance running and working out. When I'm home I love to play various instruments but honestly , nothing  makes me happier than music. Apart from this ,A good bottle of whiskey and some chill time is something I love.

What new releases do you have planned for the future?

Future releases will most likely be coming out on Mozzarela Records. I might name a few so here they are : ill be appearing on GMGN's EP on the  track ,”Downtown Love" which is interesting blend of Boards of Canada-esque music and French Touch(coming out on Mozzarela very soon).Then shortly afterwards Paradise 1976 will release it’s LP which will have 14 tracks which include both originals and remixes. Expect some really unique stuff very soon! And for my solo project Excelsior there's this track “Something About Ellen” which will be coming out within the next few weeks along with an EP. After this, LBCK - START REMIX will hit the internet .

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